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By Games Torrents 9 PC

Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity. In this bleak yet magical world, their affection is both a blessing and a curse. Both are… Read More »

By Games Torrents 5 PS4

Explore the ever-changing world of this procedurally generated horror game. Waking up in an abandoned hospital with only your mobile phone for illumination, you explore the institution’s dark criminal past as you attempt to escape. In Daylight no two experiences… Read More »

By Games Torrents 5 Nintendo 3DS

Feed candy to the cutest green monster in the universe, Om Nom, in a captivating, puzzle frenzy with Cut The Rope: Triple Treat. Now you can play your 3 favorite Cut the Rope games on Nintendo 3DS with over 650… Read More »

By Games Torrents 5 PC

Cuphead is an Action game, developed and published by Studio MDHR, scheduled to be released in 2015. A platform adventure in the style of ’30s Fleischer cartoons, Silly Symphonies and Merrie Melodies, from first-time developers Studio MDHR and with timed… Read More »

By Games Torrents 6 XBOX 360

Constant C is a 2D Puzzle Platform game where players use “the gravity charge” and “time field” mechanics to control the momentum of various objects in order to complete the game’s various puzzles.   Download .torrent You need uTorrent for… Read More »

By Games Torrents 6 PS Vita

Monsters have invaded the world of Aterra, and only a few special individuals, imbued with the power of the Star God, are equipped to fight it. With only a small group of warriors and a narrow window of time in… Read More »

By Games Torrents 6 Nintendo Wii U

From Patrick Plourde, creative director of Far Cry 3, and Jeffrey Yohalem, the lead writer of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, comes Child of Light, a digital title developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Child of Light is an RPG inspired by fairy tales…. Read More »

By Games Torrents 6 PS4

The Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. You play as Aurora, a young princess with a pure heart whose soul is brought to the kingdom of Lemuria. Embark on a quest to recapture the three… Read More »

By Games Torrents 5 PC

Part of the DLC campaign for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Extinction is a 4-player, co-op game mode featuring a unique blend of fast-paced survival gameplay, base defense, player customization and class leveling. Teamwork and communication are essential when playing Extinction,… Read More »

By Games Torrents 5 PC

Burden is a story-driven tower defence game with a living, moving battlefield. Protect your colossus—a giant beast of burden—and your special cargo as you journey across a variety of epic landscapes on your pilgrimage to please the gods and stop… Read More »