Warhammer 40 000 Inquisitor Martyr – PS3

Warhammer 40 000 Inquisitor Martyr PS3

Inquisitors are the fearsome and legendary secret agents of the Imperium with a wide range of unique skills, huge influence and deadly firepower. They come from diverse backgrounds and they specialise in different areas.

Inquisitor – Martyr is an open-world sandbox Action-RPG set in the Caligari Sector, a secluded region of the Imperium with hundreds of star systems, thousands of planets, which offers a huge variety of mission types on randomly generated maps: a persistent universe with special mini-campaigns and a storyline influenced by the community.

True to the spirit of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the gameplay incorporates tactical elements like the cover-based combat, a brand new AI and controllable vehicles, not to mention the spectacular display of destruction where attacks noticeably affect the environment.

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