Dynasty Warriors Godseekers – PS4

Dynasty Warriors Godseekers PS4

The game takes cues from the Dynasty Tactics series and offers players a different way to experience the events of that saga.As well as returning fan favourites, Godseekers throws newcomers Lixia and Lei Bin into the mix. Lixia is a lady with magical powers who’s been sealed in an icy shrine for centuries, while Lei Bin is Zhao Yun’s childhood friend and lore master.The story throws players into the final days of the Han dynasty in 220 — a time when China attempted to quell numerous uprisings and settle power struggles. Players will see Zhao Yun and Lei Bin as they set out to free Lixia from her prison while also finding themselves in a spot of bother.Dyanasty Warriors: Godseekers is due for release digitally on February 1, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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