Shenmue III – Xbox 360

Shenmue III Xbox 360

The story continues from the bizarre cliffhanger, curve-ball Shenmue 2. If you remember, Ryo was in a deep cave in the forest of Guilin, watching two massive sculptures of the Phoenix Mirror and its twin, the Dragon Mirror . Well, after touching the midpoints of these sculptures in unison, Shenhua and Ryo discover a secret passage leading into a forgotten valley. But once they get out of the cave, all hell breaks loose.
Remember that bit in the poem Shenhua about the dragon emerging from clouds Earth and dark obscuring the heavens? Totally happens. This is true, for all the meticulous recreation of the 1980s in the original Yokosuka, realism will (briefly) completely out of the window at the beginning of Shenmue 3. And the result is spectacular.

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