Warhammer 40 000 Inquisitor Martyr – Xbox360

Warhammer 40 000 Inquisitor Martyr Xbox360

Battles are not only vicious and bloody, but the more challenging fights just got some extra flavour.

Aimed attacks at giant foes can destroy body parts, getting rid of the special abilities, not to mention the rewarding and special execution moves to finish off the bosses.

In addition to the single-player Story Mode, the Inquisitorial Campaign not only introduces the cooperative gameplay up to 4 players, but gives you the chance to join various Inquisitorial clans.

Participate in unique World Events and go on unique chains of missions that could influence the fate of the whole sector.

Build and develop your own Inquisitorial Fortress. Fortresses are treasured headquarters and also desired targets in the hidden war among the various Inquisitorial factions.

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