The Signal From Tolva – XboxOne

The Signal From Tolva XboxOne

Big Robot – the team behind the atmospheric survival effort Sir, You Are Being Hunted – revealed his latest project: The Signal From Tölva.

The Signal From Tölva is considered a “solo exploration and combat game for a solo player”. It is placed among the ruins of an ancient civilization – a decoration that was handmade, unlike landscapes produced by the procedure of its precursor.

You are also not physically present on the surface of the planet either, but instead of remotely controlling a humanoid drone Surveyor. “When this chassis inevitably encounters a violent end, you simply connect to another,” says a post on the Big Robot website.

He continues: “Tölva’s signal is an open-air shooting game, an action game and a canvas of exploration. The two great things are: Exploration and Combat. We have plunged all our resources into the realization of these two things. The game world is driven by the activity of Ai who decides where our robots will go, and what they will decide to do. ”

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    It is a good one!

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