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Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s now over six years since players explored Red Dead Redemption’s Wild West. While we’ve been happy causing havoc in Los Santos with the numerous GTA 5 launches, many are yearning to don the cowboy boots and head into old America’s saloons once again.

Speculation was rife in 2014, with many expecting a Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, but alas nothing happened.

Of course, we assume the next game won’t actually be called Red Dead Redemption 2 (considering we’ve had Red Dead Revolver followed by Red Dead Redemption, it will be some variant on “Red Dead”). Until we have solid confirmation, we’ll stick with RDR2 for now.

Until there’s an official Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement, we’re collating all the news, rumours and speculations in one place – so keep this page bookmarked.

Although there’s been no official word from Rockstar Games as to when the next installation in the Red Dead series will arrive, at least we know it is a case of “when” and not “if”.

In Take-Two’s latest earnings report, the company revealed its entire launch lineup for the upcoming financial year, and there wasn’t a title from Rockstar in the list. This means it will be 2017 at the earliest before we see GTA 6. Rockstar is, however, “working on exciting future projects that will be revealed soon,” Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said during the investors call (via VideoGamer).

Following this, the developer revealed it has been working on “the next version of a famous IP” since June 2010. Of course, this could refer to an entirely separate game series, but seeing as Red Dead Redemption was released in May 2010, it would make sense for Rockstar to start development on the next game just after release.

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