Umbra – PC

Umbra PC

For those yet to hear the name, Umbra is a hack ‘n’ slash open world RPG being built in the CryEngine3. One of the ways Umbra aims to differentiate itself from other APRGs is through its customisation options.

Players will be able to create their own house, complete with custom walls and floors, and add different types of furniture, some of which will let them display their most-treasured weapons and armour. In a similar vein, weapons will also allow for customisation. Hilts and blades can be changed and tweaked until you’re happy with your very own bringer of death.

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    Works great thanks ?

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    Excellent quality torrent. Fast install and download

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    Downloaded, installed, working like charm …
    Thanks as always!

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    ok, the game works fine..

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    Works perfectly for me

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    I followed the steps above…works perfectly

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    thanks man. still downloading but dl speed isn’t that great

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    Nice Torrent, Sweet Game, THANKS!

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