Watch Dogs 2 – PC

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 will follow the same basic gameplay template as its predecessor, with developer Ubisoft Montreal adding plenty of cool new features and improvements to the experience. In the original Watch Dogs your hacking abilities were limited to a select number of objects in the world, now it seems the possibilities for electrical madness are almost limitless.

Set in the sunbaked city of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 pits you as Marcus Holloway, a young hacktivist armed with an arsenal of creative new weapons and hacking skills. From what little we’ve seen thus far, the sequel has improved upon everything that hindered the original, giving the world a much needed sense of personality.

The game will take place in the sunny city of San Francisco, a stark contrast to the dark, somewhat sterile streets of Chicago from the original game. The reveal trailer showcases a selection of varied environments such as sunswept beaches, bustling city streets and crowded metropolitan areas.

Watch Dogs 2 is the first game in the franchise to incorporate seamless co-operative play into the open-world. You will be able to approach random players and form a group with them using an in-game prompt, immediately plunging yourself into a co-op sesssion where you are free to complete missions and wreak havoc.

We’re gathering together everything we know about Watch Dogs 2 here, so keep it bookmarked for all the news, rumours and trailers.

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