The Bards Tale IV – PS3

The Bards Tale IV PS3

It was never in any doubt, but inXile’s The Bard’s Tale IV has reached its Kickstarter target—although it took a little longer than some may have expected. Nearly two weeks is rather a long time for a nostalgia-tugging classic RPG Kickstarter to bring in the mega-bucks, but then The Bard’s Tale is hardly the best known of Ye Olde RPGs. Regardless, TBTIV is now assuredly going to be a thing.

There are only two stretch goals currently listed on the game’s Kickstarter page, and inXile will almost certainly reach them before the Kickstarter ends on July 11th. The first is an “enhanced companion NPC system” at 1.3 million, while the other is a better crafting system at a cool 1.35. This fourth Bard’s Tale might not star Cary Elwes (as far as we know), but it does look pretty nifty:

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