Farming Simulator 16 – PS3

Farming Simulator 16 PS3 free download

Farming Simulator 16 returns to the Vita, and it’s bigger and better than ever. A number of small tweaks and additional features makes it the best portable farming sim yet. But those improvements come with a steep price tag, and the improvements are probably not enough for an upgrade. Still, for people looking to jump in to a relaxing and long farm management game, Farming Simulator 16 is a good place to start.

The broader issue, though, is one of time: time you spend waiting for pretty much everything to happen. Or, to be even more specific, time you spend waiting for crops to grow so you can harvest them, since that’s more or less the entire focus of Farming Simulator 16.

Farming Simulator 16 accomplishes its goal of allowing you to manage a virtual farm, pretty well. But it sadly falls apart as a game due to the lack of options, as the Vita version is severely limited to console versions. It isn’t quite as boring as watching paint dry, but it will only hold your attention for as long as you want to watch grass grow.

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    thanks for this cool game!

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    tnx mate appriciate it…and guys plzz keep seeding !

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