Prey – PS3

Prey PS3

In a post-press conference interview, director Raphael Colantonio revealed more details about Prey. He said that it is not a sequel or a remake; instead, it’s “a reimagining of the IP.” He confirmed that the game won’t be mission-based like Dishonored and will instead be one large area in which you can revisit areas and explore. Lastly, he revealed that you’ll be able to play as either a male or female character. The original story follows.

Publisher Bethesda announced during its pre-E3 press briefing on Sunday that a Prey sequel is in development. The publisher introduced it with a debut trailer, starring a protagonist named Morgan, set in the year 2032.

Developed at Arkane Studios’ Austin office, Prey promises to be a psychological thriller set in a dangerous universe. The trailer shows Morgan in both a residential setting, presumably on Earth, as well as in an off-world location. The trailer implies that Morgan is a test subject in a psychological experiment featuring hostile environments.

A previous version of Prey 2 was in development at one point, only for it to be canceled. Bethesda confirmed the cancellation in 2014.

A rumor surfaced recently suggesting that a “completely reworked” version would be announced at E3.

The first Prey was released back in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360 by Human Head Studios, which has gone on to develop games like Dungeon Defenders II.

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