Steep – PS3

Steep PS3

Steep is seamlessly online, and even though every player shares the same mountain, there won’t be any collision between players unless you select the option. When playing, users can replay great runs, control various cameras in both first and third person (the press conference demo showed off the mountain view capabilities), and — of course — share your best plays with the world.

Steep became a passion project for Ubisoft’s Annecy Studio, which specializes in multiplayer games. Annecy is close to the French Alps, and Manceau is a bit of an extreme sports enthusiast himself. With the genre being almost as big as gaming as YouTube, he felt like the game was a natural progression for the studio.

“When you’ll play the game, you’ll feel that passion,” Manceau said as a pitch to players. “You’ll see that Steep has something else that makes it a game with a soul.”

Steep is slated for a December 2016 release, and if you go to you can register for the beta. While Steep currently isn’t available in VR, Ubisoft apparently isn’t completely taking the idea off the table. “Everyone we’ve shown Steep wants VR, and I have nothing more to add to that answer,” Manceau said when asked about VR capabilities.

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