Windjammers – PS3

Windjammers PS3

Windjammers (known in Japan as Flying Power Disc) is an action sports game developed and released by Data East for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) in 1994. It was released subsequently for the Neo Geo AES in 1994 and Neo Geo CD in 1995.

A unique sport based on a combination of air hockey and tennis, Windjammers has two players facing off on a court (with a low net in the middle), attempting to throw a singular throwing disc past each other into a designated goal zone while preventing the other player from doing the same. Players pick characters from different nationalities, each with unique stats and special abilities.

It was later released for the Wii (in Japan only via Virtual Console) on June 22, 2010. However, it was delisted on December 24, 2013. Making it the only delisted Neo Geo game for the Wii Virtual Console.

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