Adrift – PS4

Adrift PS4

Adrift tells the story of an astronaut who’s been marooned in space after her space station is torn to shreds by disaster. But “adrift” is also a fine descriptor for the game itself, which hovers between the narrative-centric style of Gone Home and Firewatch and a more mechanically dense and demanding experience those other games eschew.

If they sound like two incompatible ideas, I’m sorry to say that you’re not far off: Adrift’s mechanics often obscure or even actively detract from the story it attempts to tell. That often feels like the intent — Adrift is thematically chock full of this kind of discord: hope and horror, dazzle and dread. The end result is an unshakable experience —€” but one that never congeals into an excellent game.

Adrift opens on what’s almost certainly the most precarious moment in Commander Alex Oshima’s life. Her station is in ruin, her protective suit is compromised and the status of her crew is unknown. Equipped with malfunctioning thrusters and a leaky oxygen tank, Oshima begins the long, arduous task of repairing her EVA suit and replacing the vital components she needs in the Northstar IV station to activate an escape pod back to Earth.

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