Trials of the Blood Dragon – PS4

Trials of the Blood Dragon PS4

Other Trials games have weird, experimental levels that hinge on the central interaction being shonky and frustrating. The difference is they’re clearly marked bonuses—challenges that test your ability to wrestle with a unique set of rules that, thanks to their being inconsequential to the rest of the game, often come off as charming and funny. Here, they’re mandatory and frequent, and so far less tolerable.

I find Trials of the Blood Dragon fascinating, but not in a good way. It’s rare for a major publisher to release something that, for a significant part of its short length, feels so bad. Yes, the bike sections are standard fare for the series. RedLynx is good at making Trials levels, and has made a handful of them here. But their quality only serves to highlight how bad the other levels are. This is the worst Trials game. It’s also the worst Blood Dragon. Neither series comes out of this partnership looking good.
Trials of the Blood Dragon is one of those concepts you didn’t realize you wanted until it was staring you in the face. Far Cry: 3 Blood Dragon’s over-the-top setting deserved an encore, but it couldn’t just be another first-person shooter–cue the whacky dirtbike racing-meets-platformer series, Trials.

Trials of the Blood Dragon takes place some years after Blood Dragon’s ending. Rex “Power” Colt has retired from the Blood Dragon killing business with his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Darling, and has two kids: Slayter and Roxanne. When Dr. Darling disappears mysteriously, and Rex dies fighting Vietnam War 4 by himself, the kids–now smart-aleck teenagers–are recruited to take up the family business of defending America.

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