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Farming Simulator 16 XBOX360 free download

Simulation games have always been a part of my life as a gamer. I’ve dedicated many hours on Sim City and other titles. This type of game, hooks you in a way that makes you play for hours without tiring, because you get that feeling of always wanting to evolve and improve. And despite having a good time and finding this feeling in Farming Simulator 2016, unfortunately, it´s still far from being a nice addition of Simulation for the PS Vita.

But what new features does Farming Simulator 2016 brings us? Basically three things: a new map, sheep and forestry. For the PS Vita, it would be like the 2014 release, slightly improved, as the game’s script is the same: you will simulate the life of a farmer and to cultivate, sow, fertilize, harvest, feed cows and sheep to produce milk and wool, and then sell it all. With the money you make, buy more and better equipment and vehicles, as well as more fields to increase production and profit.

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