For Honor – Xbox 360

For Honor Xbox 360

Ubisoft revealed today a brand new IP called For Honor.

The game was revealed via a cinematic trailer which showed some intense melee battles across visceral battlefields. Its melee-only combat focuses on battles between three factions: vikings, knights, and samurai. A 4-on-4 demo on stage showed objective-based multiplayer where each team pushed toward a central objective with a massive army of AI units.

Ubisoft is calling this a new type of gameplay called “art of battle” where you’ll “feel the weight of the weapon in your hand, crash as you block the attack, and impact as you strike the blow.”

We don’t have too much specifics right now, but it will have online multiplayer gameplay because “while a single individual can win a fight, it takes a band of warriors to win the battle.”

For Honor will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2016.

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