The Mandate – Xbox 360

The Mandate Xbox 360

The mandate is a science fiction RPG with RTS elements in development by Perihelion Interactive. As captain of favor of the Grand Fleet returned to service on the orders of the Empress Anastasia you will direct a team through the galaxy where they adapt and grow as they fight by your side. You lead your men through the battles, boarding operations and space exploration helped by a hierarchy of officers, all selected and honed by you.

You will explore your isometric boat and discover the workings and life everyday of the officers and crew who serve under you. You will also participate in the political Mandate traveling from one area to resolve disputes between the factions.

As you lead your men to victory, those who survive will have access to upgrades and talents, affecting gameplay and offering new tactical possibilities. If you fail, it is your crew and officers who have to pay for your mistakes in their lives chosen carefully.

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