Memoranda – Xbox360

Memoranda Xbox360

While working on his new game, a point-and-click adventure called Memoranda, lead developer Sahand Saedi kept a stack of books written by Japanese author Haruki Murakami next to his bed. When he would get stuck on an aspect of the game’s design — whether it was crafting a puzzle or figuring out the story — he would pick up a book at random and read for a bit, looking for inspiration. “I was usually lucky and was able to connect things together with one line of dialog or a small puzzle,” he says.

Memoranda is launching later this month, and the game is inspired in large part Murakami’s stories. The game centers on a young woman in a vaguely European town who has lost her memory — she doesn’t even remember her name. (The title, Memoranda, refers to the sticky notes she uses to remind herself of important things.) It plays out like a classic adventure game along the lines of Day of the Tentacle or The Secret of Monkey Island, so you’ll spend much of your time chatting with other characters and solving puzzles using items you collect around town.

The setting and story don’t necessarily call to mind any particular Murakami story, instead they’re aiming to evoke a similar feeling. Memoranda takes place in a quaint town, complete with charming little cafes and bakeries. It’s all rendered in a fluid art style reminiscent of a French animated movie. But there’s clearly something more at play in this world, and that feeling is something that Saedi was looking to pull from Murakami’s work, in particular short stories from collections like The Elephant Vanishes.

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