Prey – Xbox 360

Prey Xbox 360

Bethesda showed one of its secret projects tonight, lifting the lid on Prey, the pseudo-sequel to 2006’s game of the same name. A marked difference to the decade-old Prey, this new game casts you as Morgan Yu in the year 2032. Yu’s the key subject of an experiment on the space station Talos One, but things aren’t going quite so well — the space station has been overrun by aliens. Fortunately, Yu has some special powers to fight back.

Lead designer Raphael Colantonio was tight-lipped on what those powers might entail, but he did indicate that the player will be able to steal abilities from the aliens on the station. Players will also be able to have some customization over their character, with Morgan Yu chosen as the protagonist’s name so people could choose to embody either male or female avatars.

A Prey sequel has been in the works for years, but he game has had a tumultuous development period, passing between development studios, and changing its tone entirely. The last time we saw the game then titled Prey 2, it was being developed by Human Head Studios and it starred a human bounty hunter in an alien world using parkour skills to get around a weird-looking city.

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