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The development began with a team of 60 people – later expanded to around 80 –[26] many of whom worked on Dontnod Entertainment’s previous project Life Is Strange.[6] For a short time, the developer considered to set the game in 1950s America,[11] but to inspire a more gothic mood it was discarded in favour of the 1918 London Spanish flu pandemic. The paintings of Phil Hale influenced the art style, also for the purpose of atmosphere.[27] Television series Casualty 1900s and The Knick were turned to for medical information.[22] Dontnod conducted field research on the setting by visiting London and taking photographs,[6] but since the city had been largely rebuilt, history books and documentaries concerning Whitechapel, the London Docks and the Isle of Dogs were also consulted.[23] Events surrounding the period were studied using both factual and fictional reference points[a] to create the visuals, realised with photorealistic lighting,[28] and post-processes running on the Unreal Engine 4.[5][27] The killing of innocents in the game as the price for immortality is intended to explore the dualism of the protagonist’s survival as a vampire while also being a doctor, either by adhering to the Hippocratic Oath or capitulating to the vampiric nature.[27][29]

In August 2016, Dontnod had overcome the major obstacles in developing the game on Xbox One and assured that there would be no downgrades despite its hardware disadvantages.

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