Quake Champions – Xbox One

Quake Champions Xbox One

During Bethesda’s E3 showcase, a CG trailer for the latest iteration of id Software’s classic arena shooter, Quake, debuted. It’s called Quake Champions, and we have no clue what it’ll play like beyond what we’ve scraped from the trailer and a few choice quotes. The choicest of these quotes marks a fundamental change for the series, because instead of placing everyone in the same dopey space shooter body, Quake Champions “features a diverse cast of warriors, each with different attributes and unique abilities.”
In the post-show stream, id Software’s Tim Willits dropped the names of the four characters in the trailer, and first up is Ranger, the main character from the original Quake. Whether or not he’s still voiced by Trent Reznor is up in the air. Here, we see him going up against a new character, ScaleBear (if I heard Willits correctly) who we’ll get to in a minute.

Reassuringly, the very first encounter knocks the gun out of one character’s hands, and the other picks them up. It seems weapons won’t be tied to characters—maybe they’ll have a default starting arsenal—but if anyone can pick up any weapon, then Quake Champions still sounds like an arena shooter to me.

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