Routine – Xbox One

Routine Xbox One

Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned moon base. Your job is to find enough data to discover the truth behind the strange disappearance of all stationed on the lunar research station.

A survival horror game of science fiction developed by the studio Lunar Software independent. The story focuses on discovering the causes behind the members of the Lunar Research Station disappearing. In the game, the player moves through the dark and stuffy room installation, gradually revealing its secrets. The main point the player uses throughout the game is a special fastening tool that looks like a gun. The player can modify this tool by using disks that can be found around the resort, so the device can also be used as a weapon. The designers have put special emphasis on a convincing atmosphere comes with experience, and the appearance of the survival of the latter. This means that the interface is minimalist and every death of the protagonist is permanent. Many parts of the virtual station are randomly generated, as various threats or positions of NPC. Therefore, each playthrough may be completely different.

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